Magic the Gathering: Lifecrafter's Bestiary (Aether Revolt)

Lifecrafter's Bestiary
Izzy Aether Revolt 162

Lifecrafter's Bestiary

Artifact, {3} (3)

At the beginning of your upkeep, scry 1.

Whenever you cast a creature spell, you may pay {G}. If you do, draw a card.


  • 09/02/2017: The draw step is after the upkeep step, so you’ll scry 1 before you draw for the turn.
  • 09/02/2017: Lifecrafter’s Bestiary’s second triggered ability resolves before the spell that caused it to trigger. The ability will resolve even if that spell is countered.
  • 09/02/2017: While resolving Lifecrafter’s Bestiary’s second triggered ability, you can’t pay {G} multiple times to draw multiple cards.


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